Students from our School of Art & Design, School of Humanities and School of Media & Performing Arts will exhibit and perform their work in Coventry University and across the City – in the Belgrade Theatre, FarGo Village and on the catwalk in Square One.

We’ve listed exhibiting and performing courses by the buildings they’re based in. Remember, not all courses will be exhibiting throughout the whole three weeks of The Collective at Coventry.

The Graham Sutherland Building

Architecture – GS401
Fashion – GS201
Fine Art –GSB38, GSB47, GSB53, GS501, GS502, GS506
Fine Art & Illustration – GS514, GS516
Foundation Diploma Art & Design –GSB53,GSB62, GSB74
Games Art – GS401, GS402, GS414, GS416, GS420
Graphic Design – GS404
Illustration and Animation – GS401, GS402, GS414, GS416, GS420
Illustration and Graphics – GS401, GS402, GS414, GS416, GS420

The Maurice Foss Building

Automotive and Transport Design – MF106, 107, 108, 109, 202, 204a, 204b
Interior Architecture and Design – MF232, MF233, MF235
Product Design – MF309A, MF309B, MF303

The Ellen Terry Building

Dance –  ET101, ET126, ET221
Digital Media – ETG05, ETG06
Media – ETG05, ETG06
Theatre and Professional Practice – ET110, ET233

Square One

Fashion Show

The Tank

Media and Communications
Media Production

FarGo Village

Photography – The Box
Humanities – Market Hall

The Belgrade Theatre

Theatre and Professional Practice

Coventry University room numbers work like this:
  • Letters: The building it’s in
  • First number: The floor of the building
  • Last two numbers: The room on that floor