Alexis Sarah Garner

BA (Hons) Dance

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In undergoing an International Enhancement Year and then returning to Coventry to complete my degree, I had the opportunity to experience a diverse range of dance forms and explore my identity within a global field. Dance, as a universal language, influenced my research and practice, which developed my current interests in collaborative practice across art forms.

My Final Project is a collaboration between two practitioners and disciplines, dance and visual art, which explores how the audience’s perspective of live movement can be altered through another art form. It considers materiality, conversation and hybridity as key components to the developing improvised scores and together looks towards finding the place of the body within art, the place of art within the body and arriving at a place in between. The end product of our collaboration was to be an exhibition of live performance, a collection of artwork and projected animation. This portfolio of work offers an insight into the process.

Currently, I am the Company Apprentice for Coventry based company, Ascension Dance, and hope to continue teaching their Girl’s Youth workshops post-graduation. Alongside this, I want to continue creating and performing my own work and collaborate with friends as emerging dance practitioners.

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