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Christina Price

BA (Hons) Fashion

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My name is Christina Price and I am a designer specialising in sustainable womenswear design. I am an organised and highly motivated creator with excellent communication skills developed while working as part of a team in a number of positions; including over a year’s experience interning for a variety of designers.

My collection ‘Doomed Youth’ is a reflection of the exasperation felt by many young people at the lack of response to the climate crisis; and an investigation into the wider sociological and political elements of our society that have allowed the climate crisis to cumulate. This sense of urgency is portrayed through an anti-fashion aesthetic and gloomy colour scheme and shows a contrast between draped, asymmetrical silhouettes and harsh utility inspired shapes. 

Oversized silhouettes have been further inspired by skate wear mixed with industrial materials such as metal chains. Sustainable design and production concepts have influenced key pieces heavily; the denim is upcycled; 100% recycled plastic fabric is used for utility vests and zero waste patterns use elastic channels to create shape rather than cutting fabric off. 

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