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Alexander Dunn

BA (Hons) Media Production

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Alexander Dunn is an aspiring filmmaker with the goal of furthering his skills in the media industry as well as looking to also become a writer and editor.

The story of "The Stranger" follows Arthur Sampson, the head of the famed genetic research company Gen Corp, who has gone missing and is presumed dead. Three months later, his daughter Kate and her partner Ben, both Gen Corp employees, journey to her old house in search of documents. As Kate ponders whether her father is alive or not, Ben notices a strange man staring at them from the trees. Kate and Ben leave and make it to the house where they settle in but later in the day, they are confronted by the strange man again who appears stronger than average. Kate is knocked out but as she wakes up, she discovers a secret that not only reveals who the strange man is but also what happened to her father.

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