Luke Bird

Architecture MArch

My project aimed to investigate sustainable development within Coventry City Centre. Sustainable in terms of environmental impact, social structures, economic standing and identity. One of the largest deficits in the centres economy is permanent residences, so introducing residential units of varying sizes and value became the focus. To minimise the impact of construction the project takes place within the confines of an existing structure that would become obsolete in a prospective sustainable city. It would become socially relevant by plugging into the cities existing urban planning and providing a year round public space, containing four eco-system conditions bringing those enjoying urban life closer to nature. The form follows rules I created that enable the project to conform to the cities urban identity in the way one reads and experiences the centre.

The project was inspired by a recent proposal that would destroy a large part of the city centre. My project investigates the idea of densification whilst respecting the cities architectural identity and maintaining it's unique modernist urban planning qualities.