Gregory Aaron

Automotive and Transport Design MA

My name is Gregory Aaron and I am an aspiring clay modeller. I decided on the masters knowing job possibilities were less likely during this pandemic.

Access to the university clay studio was likely restricted so I took the opportunity to develop myself as more of a complete designer to push into my early career in the industry.

My project the FR&R [The fully recycled and recyclable] was initially inspired by the GOV UK ‘End of life’ policy ensuring 85% of vehicle parts are recyclable. Despite this the remaining 15% can be a UK collective of 210,000 tonnes of material going straight to land fill.

An additional concern is countries or states like California show little to no evidence of such policy. This projects purpose was then to find out why this was not the case and push valid evidence of why it can be present and can be improved.

A student project named Luca from a Dutch team called TU Ecomotive proved an entirely recycled vehicle was possible. My research then included why automotive brands were not making this a reality already.

Feel free to contact me using the attached details for any further questions.