Tanay Nandanwar

Automotive and Transport Design MA

I have always been fascinated with the eternal human desire for movement and exploration. Which led to my passion for vehicles from my earliest days of life. And I consider myself very fortunate to pursue a career field in Automotive and Transport design. I strive for new and diverse challenges as I believe that that new challenge leads to new experiences, which ultimately lead to new learnings, making me grow as a designer and a person every day. For my Master's Final Major Project, My main research topic was how the advancements in technologies like Artificial intelligence and Virtual reality are changing the creative process and the way we design our vehicles. Eleva Experimental is a concept drone for personal mobility for the alpha+ cities like Singapore for the year 2050. This concept explores two major future philosophies of blending Architecture and Personal mobility along with supporting the mental wellbeing of the user using the theory of “Escapism” and freedom which is highly associated with personal vehicles. The “experimental” in the name signifies my approach to design this vehicle, where a lot of new-age design tools like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual reality, and Generative arts were used for designing it.

The Automotive and Transport Industry is undergoing one of its most significant transitionary phases. And it is not just affecting our vehicles but also the way we design them. Through my FMP I wanted to explore the new tools and methods for designing vehicles and understanding how will it evolve the role of automotive and transport designers in the future.