Cara Jackson

Graphic Design MA

This Graphic Design MA project responds to a research problem with a graphic design-led solution that addresses how graphic design-practice can contribute to solving a real-world issue.

The research problem indicates that government-enforced Lockdowns throughout the COVID-19 pandemic have encouraged self-isolation and induced loneliness amongst civilians, negatively impacting psychological wellbeing. The research solution is a digital crafting community that raises wellbeing subconsciously through social interaction and actively through practicing craft-based activities that increase wellbeing in communal contexts. This activity was chosen as a focal point as daily creative activity is linked with positive psychological functioning.

The project outcome presents a community-based crafting app that facilitates collaboration as means of distraction and interaction. Graphic design is implemented through considered User-Interface and User-Experience (UI/UX) design via a smartphone application. This sociocultural approach to app design combines digital culture with communal learning, creating a digital collaborative community.

This project is predominantly aimed at women aged 18-24, as this demographic registered the lowest levels of mental wellbeing during Lockdown. However, inclusivity facilitates the movement for gender equality in the creative industries and so the outcome’s content invites both gendered and non-binary users by ignoring stereotypical gendered assumptions and designing purely for creatives.

Communal crafting increases societal wellbeing.