Juanxi Li

Graphic Design MA

The micro plastics decomposed in the ocean finally enter the human body through bioconcentration, which is harmful to human health. The environmental problem of micro plastics is a relatively new problem, and the environmental problem of marine micro plastics is becoming more and more prominent. When pollutants do not cause obvious ecological problems or affect human health, people often do not pay attention to them. If we can attract people's attention before the outbreak of environmental problems, it is very important to prevent them in advance. The project combines different elements by mixing visual creativity.

Visually, a young girl is eating seafood, water and other food. The expression of anthropomorphic organs showed that the micro plastics left in the body had adverse reactions to the operation of organs after entering the human body. People react slowly to organs, which is not easy to attract people's attention to micro plastics. Visually, the process of young girls eating at the same time accelerates aging. The aging reaction of facial wrinkles is to deepen people's new "fear" of micro plastics and attract people's attention to micro plastics, so as to take action to change the environment and achieve sustainable development.