Lefan Sheng

Graphic Design MA

My love for art originated in my childhood and I was always looking forward to art classes. In college, I studied animation,
illustration, computer software drawing, and I also tried to create illustrations using materials such as a stylus, colored
graphite, watercolor, oil paints, and so on. In order to learn more skills, I have studied graphic design, developing further
software skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Animator and Premiere. I really enjoy the whole
process of expressing my ideas through hand-painting or software in any way. I am fascinated by each project and by
the excitement of finally completing each work. In an era of high-speed electronics, I want to harness to the simplicity of
hand-painting while also exploring new techniques and evolving software.

This project provides a way for the Coventry Biennale to promote dialogue and keep in touch with those who will have participated in the Biennale and those who may participate in the Biennale in the future.
Everyone can learn more about the Coventry Biennale 2021 by reading the illustrated book and then by contributing to the book by adding their own thoughts and ideas to some blank pages.