Rachael Dew

Graphic Design MA

Inside Experience
This VR platform was designed to enhance relationships and experiences for music fans. It gives a unique experience in which you embark upon a journey with an artist getting insights into their mindset and gaining a deeper understanding of the artists persona, music and vision. The platform allows you to converse with other fans, follow a narrative, watch 360-degree music videos, and interact with artists on a new level. The platform was created to help support the music ecosystem and can facilitate this by allowing fans greater accessibility and inclusion. The covid-19 pandemic has been a struggle for many fans and artists and a platform such as this could help to facilitate experiences and relationships that have been strained in the past 18 months. Music is an essential part of everyday life for so many people and to experience this in a new and exciting way could be beneficial for many.

Let’s have that Inside Experience again.

'I'd like to say a big thank you to Leroy (aka SOYOROYOS?) for allowing me to use his track 'Response' and collaborating with me for my final project.'

“Popular music is a multimedia, discursive, fluid, and expansive cultural form that, in addition to the music itself, includes album covers; gig and tour posters; music videos; set, stage, and lighting designs; live concert footage; websites; virtual reality/augmented reality technologies; merchandise designs; and other forms of visual content. As a result, it has become impossible to understand the meaning and value of music without considering its relation to these visual components and to the interrelationships between them” (Morrow 2020)