Xinlei Deng

Graphic Design MA

While the Fourth Industrial Revolution offers important technological innovations and the opportunities to improve human life, growing social problems have also raised people concerns and anxieties about the future. And because of factors from daily life events, such as emotional swings, social media and epidemic, many young people feel anxious for their future and life especially Generation Z.

Cyberpunk aesthetics, as a popular artistic style and visual language, its spiritual core is a metaphor for future conception and anxiety. Cyberpunk aesthetics and culture can reflect reality in an available way, and pierce the darkness by imagining the future.

The project mainly consists of brand campaign and themed events, combining Cyberpunk aesthetics with theme of anxiety. It aims to promote the public's attention to anxiety and mental health problems, and improve the related cognition and understanding, so as to relieve anxiety and stress slightly by relaxing the body and mind through the immersive experience of Cyberpunk theme events.

The specific outcome works of this project include campaign posters, AR, design and video of website, design and mockup about Cyberpunk theme events and campaign, animation, project logo, billboard, paper bag and so on.

Let's relieve anxiety in the Cyberpunk way. #cyberpunkforanxiety

“Although cyberpunk is now viewed as a successful subgenre of SF, it was indeed controversial when we started. But that’s the way we wanted it. All of us had, and still have, an implacable and unrelenting desire to shatter the limits of consensus reality. If nobody’s pissed off, you’re not trying hard enough….We started writing cyberpunk because we had a really strong discontent with the status quo in science fiction, and with the state of human society at large.”
– Rudy Rucker, one of the founders of Cyberpunk literature