Cai En Ng

Interior Design MA

An enthusiastic hardworking junior interior designer based in London seeking for opportunity in the field. Ready and well prepared for the design industry supported by the experiences earned during studies and internship. A person who is eager to learn and grow rapidly to assist in improving the efficiency and quality in a team. Kimberly derives much of her inspiration from the little things in everyday life and the sudden creativity that it sparks, she believes that every design has its stories and identity. Also is a passionate person when it comes to art and design. A person who believes great work comes from hard work rather from talent alone, that is why a lot of effort will be placed in the things she do.

Twyford Abbey Manor Court is a Grade II Listed Building designed by William A and constructed in 1806. Proposing design for a wellness hotel focusing on giving millennials a meaningful wellness experience while they are remotely working or who wants to digital detox. The target outcome of this project is to create a hotel space which will give its users maximum experience with minimal risk, offering a sense of retreat and community in a holistic environment that offers calm and flexibility. Bringing a balance between the old and new objects in the grade 2 listed heritage site.