On this page you can find examples of the work produced by postgraduate students on our three International Relations (IR) degrees: MA Diplomacy, Law and Global Change; MA International Relations; MA Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security. Much of the writing here is concerned with the key challenges the world faces today. There are reflections on the future of Afghanistan after the withdrawal of US troops, accounts of the impact of human trafficking and modern slavery, and analysis of recent developments in Africa. In addition to this, we have included some superb short stories from our students; these are both interesting pieces of writing in themselves and provocative attempts to understand the ways that global issues affect the lives of individuals. Taken in sum, the portfolio of work showcases the broad range of knowledge and skills that IR students have acquired over the course of their studies.     

MA Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security

Work from MA Terrorism, International Crime and Global Security, including short stories by Rajitha Modiyil Prabhakaren, Sam Williams and Ileen Den Ouden, and learning journals by James Murphy and Emmanuel Gira for the module 'International Security Praxis'.

MA Diplomacy, International Law and Global Change

A snapshot of work from students in MA Diplomacy, International Law and Global Change. Including a learning journal by Mihaela-Veronica Ariton for the module 'International Security Praxis' and a blog piece concerning the future of Afghanistan by Massoud Hussein.

Group Presentation

A group presentation for the module 'Diplomacy and the International System' which explores the future of diplomacy. 

Contributions come from: Mihaela-Veronica Ariton; Berverley Matsika; Laura Lami Amlogu; Massoud Hussein; Nyaluak James Tiong Gatluak; Sandra Ogochukwu Emeka-Ezenwanne.

MA International Relations

Eluma Asogwa's learning journal for the module 'International Security Praxis', as part of MA International Relations.