Akinboboye Alonge

Journalism and Media

In the genuine quest to execute a vision, we can sometimes overlook the critical aspects of preparation needed to bring it to the desired level of impact and exposure. This oversight summarized my life and career and informed my decision to pursue an MA in Communication, Culture, and Media at Coventry University. “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again and this time more intelligently… (Henry Ford).” I had led a vibrant and diverse media establishment for many years, involved in advocacy, social transformation and empowerment projects. Working with government leaders, diplomats, and business leaders revealed my lack of foundational principles and the theory that undergird the media process. The realization that my organization would struggle to rise beyond my competence and exposure was my dominant motivation to seek the program’s innovative learning experience. I have developed abilities to analyze, critique and learned how to make my voice stand out from others in an increasingly crowded media space. I received industry-relevant training and experience to help me function better in the global media industry. The faculty and student body’s cultural diversity and multi-faceted experience should enable me to perform better and collaborate effectively in an increasingly connected global media marketplace.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again and this time more intelligently…"
(Henry Ford).