Alex Allison

Journalism and Media

Alex Allison is a professional creative writer, originally from the Black Country in Birmingham. From a young age, Alex loved telling spooky stories, writing quirky tales and reading gothic novels. She trained in Musical Theatre at the London College of Music, graduating in 2018 and has worked within the TV, film and theatre industry since. Alex is extremely happy to be following her passion for writing on the Professional Creative Writing masters degree and hopes SPIDERHANDS will one day be in bookstores and in the hands of many readers to come.

Ara often wondered, did people notice anything besides her spiderhands? If asked, would they be able to recall her long dark hair with its ruler straight fringe? Or her mysterious hazel eyes, or her pixie nose? Her thin smirking lips, her rosy high cheekbones, or the turquoise dress she always wore with the matching eyeshadow that once belonged to her mother? The large scar on her clavicle? She supposed not, for Ara had come to learn that people only noticed the things you'd prefer them to ignore.