Group project

Global Eye Magazine 2021

Global Eye magazine (2021) – linked to semester two module, ‘Specialist Professional Practice in Journalism’

The brief was to create a magazine relevant to course, decide on a specified theme or focus, and work as a team on content (stories and pictures), design, layout and production. We went with previously used name of Global Eye and our magazine edition this year focuses on travel, art, sport and other culture related topics – in line with crowning of Coventry as city of culture. We set out to bring a little bit of colour to a world that is overtaken by negative breaking news - offering people a break from all the usual problems (diseases, violence, disasters, death, etc.).

The magazine was created through teamwork and use of many facilities and programmes provided by the university, such as the Adobe Creative Cloud software products. This magazine is intended for physical printing; however, it can be read and enjoyed online in its entirety.

Involved in creating this group work:

  • Editor: Katie Mitten
  • Designer: Ganga Devi Anil Kumar Meena
  • Article Contributors: Ganga Devi Anil Kumar Meena, Katie Mitten, Patricia Dias, Ana Catarina Pinto, Steven Kimber, Mollie Grace Little, Olivia Gardner, Cristian Odobescu, Daisy Abeka, Jason Evans

The process of creating the magazine changed during COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in the UK in March 2020, in order to follow the social distancing rules. We relied a lot more on other technologies and ways of communicating, such as emails and group messages – to ensure that the result is not affected by this.

One challenge that we faced was communication. We used different ways of communication; however, this made the process a little bit more challenging and things took more time than if the process happened in a face-to-face environment.

During this process, we learned that there is a lot of thought and work that goes into the creation of a magazine – from creating a cover to page layout. Even more important, got ideas on how to think about the stories that we tell in a more creative and visual way.

If you are interested in discovering the stories of real people and places, then you should definitely pick this magazine up. We hope you enjoy it!

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