Group project

Global News Relay (GNR) 2021 newscast

The brief was to create a 10-15 minute news show on the theme ‘How COVID-19 Changed Us’, for the Global News Relay 2021 collaborative newscast with two presenters and several packages. The newscast, streamed online in late April 2021 ‘as-live’ from Hong Kong on Facebook and Youtube [timeline 27:45ff], was part of an annual collaborative online international learning (COIL) project, this year featuring 12 other universities and colleges in ten countries.

The newscast was produced for the Global News Relay initiative featuring other university’s around the world. Target audience included students of journalism and media from these universities and others as well as young people generally all over the world.

We learned to work to tight deadlines and collaboratively as a team, including virtually with host students and staff in Hong Kong.

Involved in creating this group work:

  • Editor: Angela Crocker
  • Presenters: Katie Mitten and Cristian Odobescu
  • Vision-sound mixer: Daisy Abeka
  • Reporters (in order of package appearance): Katie Mitten, Jason Evans, Patricia Dias, Cristian Odobescu.

Reporters sourced their stories from the community in and around Coventry in person or virtually, then edited their packages from university newsroom labs with desktop computers or their own laptops equipped with Adobe Premiere Pro software offered by the university. Our GNR newscast was put together at our modern TV studio, The Tank, with the help of tech staff. It was then passed on to global coordinators in Asia for streaming with other newscasts from the other universities via Facebook and Youtube [timeline 27:45ff] in late April 2021.