Zheran Chen

Journalism and Media

Born and raised in China, Zheran Chen hopes to be a bridge between the Chinese and British automotive industries. He has a Bachelor's degree in Automotive Engineering and is working towards becoming a qualified automotive journalist.

Zheran speaks fluent English and is a good writer who understands the meaning of communication and teamwork. He is known in China for his works "I am crazy about cars" and "Car Tales". He has experience covering large events live and has conducted interviews with several prominent figures in the automotive industry. He knows how to use post-editing equipment and is able to shoot and edit programs independently.

Over the years, Zheran has over 2.2 million followers on Chinese social media and has published several books related to automotive culture. He is keen to share his knowledge and passion for cars and to tell more stories about the Chinese and British automobiles.

Driving, feeling and storytelling.

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