Jane Spence

Painting MA

I am currently midway through my Painting MA and these are some of my development works.
I am exploring the place between conscious and unconscious, between absence and presence. We can lose our Self in the mind’s warm, dark labyrinth. Is this where we wander when the tenuous thread of sanity breaks?
I am playing with incongruity; with the illusion of reality, artifice. The figures I paint on small pieces of canvas add strangeness simply by having been created separately, making them slightly at odds with the larger works I place them in. Shadows recur.
I want to further explore the evocation of performance space, relating back to my beginnings in theatre design. I am investigating why figures are becoming increasingly important within my ‘impossible’ structures.
I continue looking at the work of contemporary artists, particularly Daniel Pitin, whose thought process chimes with my own explorations. In a rare filmed interview he says,”I am trying to find the borderline between illusion and what is real…It’s like a dialogue…If I start rationally I can destroy this process of natural development.”