Art & Design

Our postgraduate students have experienced a remote togetherness as a shared community across 2021. The students in the School of Art and Design engage in specialist disciplines and collaborative working which enables them to have the resilience  and skills to engage with the creative industries at many different levels. 

They have cultivated a strong sense critical and creative thinking that has allowed them to innovate, contemplate and understand ideas through resolved creative processes. By working with each other and their course teams they have shaped their work to be relevant for the future and unchartered landscapes of the creative sector.

With pride and confidence in them achieving their career ambitions we wish them every success on their creative journey.

- Nick Gorse, Head of School


The Humanities and Social Sciences are defined by research, close attention to scholarly and creative texts, and the ability to express complex ideas in sophisticated writing. While the postgraduate students represented here showcase all of these skills expertly, they also go much further. The work on display from the School of Humanities evidences a deep commitment to putting ideas into practice. These students put the Humanities into practice partly through the diverse and imaginative ways in which they express their research, and partly through work that is focussed on social justice and better understanding the turbulent moment in which we live.  

Each student, from across our broad range of MA courses, has dealt with a lot this year. And it is a testament to their hard work, conviction, and collegiality that they have been able to do such good work in difficult times. The work on show here is fun and accessible, while also being challenging and rigorous. The critical thinking skills that they have sharpened during their time at Coventry has also prepared them for a diverse range of exciting career opportunities, and we are thrilled to celebrate them today.

- Dr Gavan Lennon, Associate Head of School – Student Experience

Media and Performing Arts

Our Postgraduate students have worked amazingly hard this year – in the most challenging of situations -  to produce compelling, creative and inspiring work.

All the tutors in the School of Media and Performing Arts are impressed by their resilience and the range of excellent work they have delivered – both individually and in groups. The media landscape is fast changing and ever evolving, but our Postgraduate community in the School view this as a series of opportunities to be realised through innovation. We encourage collaborative work across our courses, and this combined with our commitment to teaching excellence and employability provides our students with the best chance of success in their chosen profession. 

Our learning environment is distinguished by the strong practical focus and complementary emphasis on the study and analysis of professional context. The student work this year exemplifies our School ethos and demonstrates the commitment and professionalism in creating pieces that we hope audiences will find informative and inspiring. 

Congratulations class of 2021! 

- Daren Pickles, Head of School