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Following the announcement of lockdown, beginning of March, people realised that rough sleepers were physically unable to follow government advice to stay at home. They were not only at enhanced risk of contracting the virus, but also a huge potential risk to the rest of population. Many of homeless people will be thrown out of the temporary accommodation they were given when Britain's lockdown was declared in March. As soon as Boris Johnson announced his "back to work" drive, the government made clear that funding for emergency accommodation will end. (Source: Article; The Guardian Uk)

My proposed design utilises derelict community buildings to resource shelter for the homeless. Commodity rather than a basic need of every human.

Society's perspective towards the homelessness needs to change. Individuals are all the same whether they are homeless or not. They are an individual person and all people should be seen as the same, rather than an unrecognised problem.  Therefore I have proposed a design that would give the homeless shelter to live, and get back on their own feet through the utilisation of different courses within the shelter.

Equality is important, allowing each individual to a life of their choice.


Bhavi Bhimani

Architecture MArch

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Bhavi Bhimani Lead Image