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Visualisation of local terrace and rooftop garden

An enthusiatic Part II Architecture student who is willing to learn from mistakes. I enjoy exploring architecture through the eyes of users and studying it's impacts on society and the environment in depth. The project stemmed from my interests in social influences of architecture on an urban scale. It attempts to integrate genders, generations and cultures through the creation of a shared, public space at an important cultural site in Amman. By identifying a critical juncture between tourists, attracted to spectacular views and culture, in the form of the Abu Darwish Mosque, and also a local amenity, in the form of a kindergarten, the project proposes a spatial over-lapping that provokes encounter and the challenging of barriers. The project will be a place of exchange where different groups of people are given opportunities to communicate with each other. To achieve that, children are considered as a stepping stone to ease social boundaries and a tool to battle against gender discrimination.

Tool: Creating the common
Diagram of concept development
First floor plan
Tourist's route entrance visualisation
Cross section
Axonometric diagram
Elevation visualisation
Shared event space and external view of kindergarten visualisation
Internal view of the Kindergarten
Initial concept sketch of the Cage - A playful structure for circulating with external balconies providing opportunities for children to communicate within people outside
Internal view of the Kindergarten and the Cage
Layering the Cage
Kindergarten playground and the Cage visualisation

Khoa Diem Nguyen

Architecture MArch

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Khoa Diem Nguyen

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Visualisation of local terrace and rooftop garden