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I am Thilini and I recently completed my first year in MArch Architecture. I am presenting my design The Hybrid Mall Market located in Amman, Jordan. I researched about malls and markets including their types, unique characteristics, economical and social factors. During my research, I understood that while malls and markets have different principles, they intersect at some points and feed from each other. I incorporated said different principles into my design to create an interesting journey for the shoppers through malls and markets. I designed five different spaces based on five different principles. The first space is the Street Market, which is based on 'Surfaces'. The second space is the Market Hall, which is based on a space 'Made of Columns'. The craft workshop is the third space, which represents the 'Local Culture and Heritage' through a series of arches and local stones. Hanging Market is the fourth space, which represents the principle, 'product often becomes the facade of a market'. The fifth and final principle is 'Filters and Layers' meaning that malls control what shoppers see once they are inside. This principle is portrayed through fifth space, the Mini Mall.

Building with the Ramp 3D
Section AA
South East Elevation
Section BB
Front Elevation
Ground Floor
First Floor
Second Floor

Thilini Wijesekera

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Thilini Wijesekera

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