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The project is a design for city residents aged 25-45 with established families. Firstly, their life stages are divided into husband + wife, husband + wife + one to two children, and the age of the children will change with time. Secondly, they prefer the freedom of space as well as private space with a high pressure life. Multi-mode and emotional design are also factors they look for. Thus, this project is a multi-mode, electric vehicle which combines sharing and intelligentisation tendency with private space and solves the problem of demand changes in different life stages.

Concept: private vehicle (initial part) + sharing part (added part). This creates a more economic and convenient method for families in urban areas, the place with high pressure. People initially buy the private part and then add on the shared part. There are different equipment points around cities, making it convenient to travel to other cities.

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Siyu Xiang

Automotive Design MA

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