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Comic Book App - UX Design

My project is a platform that can help young people to share their story by using visual elements. The platform offers a customisable comic book interface which allows users to create their own comic book story. 

Sometimes, the things around you happen suddenly and unpredictably, and some of these stories can become stories to be told. The purpose of this project is to provide young people with a visual way to tell their story. 

"Before I came to Coventry I did a Fine Art degree, it was more about using a brush, everything on a computer was quite new to me. We have had to learn to use our computers to present and for me I changed my work. I've made a new platform to help young people to share their stories. Its been a hard time for everyone with COVID but life must go on."
Guo Junyan

Junyan Guo

Graphic Design MA

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Comic Book App - UX Design