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The Design Bridge competition brief asks us to harness the power of one of a given brand to tackle an issue in one of the articles within the 1st January 2020 Edition of the Guardian. I chose Google.  The chosen brand Google Assistant will launch a campaign as a response to the rise of homicides in London by assisting pedestrians into safety. The campaign will include signage design as well as a feature in the Google Assistant app that will guide people to a safer route. So what makes a route safer? Based on the metropolitan police website, it is a road with CCTV activity and good lighting, Google Assistant will guide you to these routes. A campaign is included to present the new feature by using a conversation between the user and the app, the tone of voice is friendly and efficient just like Google Assistant.

Safety Sign
App Interface 1
App Interface 2
App Interface 3
Google Logo
Web Interface 1
Web Interface 2
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"What did I learn through lockdown?..You still have to do what you have to do. You have to think on your feet like a designer and find solutions for your problems."
Yassine Nidaazzi
Yassine Nidaazzi

What have I learnt? The core thing is that Graphic Design can be used for social issues to make a tangible change. The MA was more focussed on why are we making these products and what change will it do? I learnt to push my work further than just to think about its visual appeal.


Yassine Nidaazzi

Graphic Design MA

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Stay Safe Sign