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 My project was to create an open and innovative design community platform that contributes to the solution of global social problems through design. 

It is well known that sustainable development is the most challenging issue facing the global community today. The focus of social sustainability is on economic and environmental issues because they are tangible and measurable. Issues such as climate change and ecological pollution have led to the disruption of normal living conditions in some areas. The effects of such environmental changes have already affected regions and countries that are now dominated by natural resources such as fishing.

"Designers are increasingly aware of the impact they have on humanity and the world we live in, so it's even more important for us as designers to take advantage of our strengths and skills for open innovation on environmental issues to help and accelerate socially sustainable development. However, there are limits to the power of a few individual designers to contribute to the solution of these complex global social problems. Designers need to collaborate with designers from all over the world to learn more diverse design thinking, to understand the diversity of problems and impacts, and to use open creative thinking to come up with relatively sound design solutions."
Yunming Dun

Yunming Dun

Graphic Design MA

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