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Starry Opera

Site Area: 890 sqm

Total Area: 1530 sqm

Location: 40 Daqiao Road, Kaili, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, China

Primary Supervisor: Seid Porobic

Secondary Supervisor: Heidi Saarinren

Deconstruction of Tradition

If the "form" is the external of a city, then the "content" is the internal. When the culture and spirit, which is the "content" of a city is being lost, what could we do to balance the form and the content, to avoid the city crumbling from the inside? This theatre is renovated and extended from an old workshop of a concrete factory, and inspired from the local, traditional worship of the celestial body. The design is based on traditional culture and I tried to use new methods to present it, to make people feel familiar but strange. So, the building is not only a monument of traditional life, but also a bridge connect to the future. Most the materials chosen are recycled; traditional and cheap materials are reutilised creatively, to keep local traditional materials and craft alive, which is also an an embodiment of indigenous sustainability construction which is tradition of China.


Zhao Yang

Interior Design MA

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