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BUGATTI E-scooter Design

My name is Jiaxian Feng. Prior to joining the MA Product Design Innovation at Coventry University,  was a postgraduate student of Nanjing Agriculture University in China, majoring in Industrial Design. Having completed the course at Coventry University, I have gained a more mature insight into the complex processes of design and how to solve design problems. I am looking forward to starting my career in Product Design related work in China. I am excited by the opportunity to further improve my design skills and be involved with commercial projects with real clients. Looking ahead, I hope to work for major design companies to further strengthen my professional development. At Coventry University we were taught to work collaboratively and with students from other design disciplines, so I aim to continue to work in cross-disciplinary fields, such as graphic design, architectural design and game design to help me become a better designer.


Jiaxian Feng

Product Design Innovation MA

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BUGATTI E-scooter Design