30 Minutes With...

A series of short conversations between graduates and leading industry practitioners.

This year, graduates across the faculty have spoken to leading architects, designers, creative directors, artists and event founders. Talking about everything from career paths to creative inspiration, advice for getting your foot in the door, and 'what actually is good work'?

Marianne Shillingford

& Yuanmin Xiao

From a childhood surrounded by roses and winemaking, Marianne talks about her colourful career path, from fairground and theatrical painting to interior decorating and beyond.

Marianne Shillingford — Creative Director, Dulux
Yuanmin Xiao — BA (Hons) Interior Architecture

Ben Flippance

& Amar Sidhu

Ben Flippance tells Amar Sidhu about how he first got interested in architecture (it started with a doodle of a house that you reached via rowing boat) to complex problem-solving, his fascination with streets, and how it never gets boring being able to walk around something that was your idea.

Ben Flippance — Design Director, IDP Architects
Amar Sidhu — BSc (Hons) Architecture

Marksteen Adamson

& Catherine Miller

A creative problem solver with a passion for ethical business, Marksteen talks about his journey to becoming co-founder and partner of ASHA & Co, as well as his top tips for bagging your first job after uni.

Marksteen Adamson — Executive Creative Director & Partner, ASHA & Co.
Catherine Miller — BA (Hons) Illustration & Graphics

Frank Stephenson

& John Gallop

From growing up around car dealerships and racing motorcycles, to designing cars for McLaren and Maserati, Frank Stephenson discusses the importance of being naturally curious and why being number one is the only option.

Frank Stephenson — Design Director, Frank Stephenson Design
John Gallop— BA (Hons) Automotive & Transport

Iris Pokovec & Matej Tomazin

& Meta Mezan

Iris Pokovec discusses her tongue-in-cheek commentary on consumerism, and how it inspired her to turn 'Menažerija' into its own brand, while Matej Tomazin — co-founder of Artopolis — explores perceived value, as well as his personal desire to tackle inequality in the arts industry.

Iris Pokovec — Menažerija
Matej Tomazin— Artopolis and Surviving Art Podcast
Meta Mezan — BA (Hons) Fine Art & Illustration

Harbinder Birdi & Upinder Bahra

& Amar Sidhu

Harbinder and Upinder explore the significance of presentation and communication in their field, how you should learn to say yes to opportunities, and the importance of applying meaningful problem solving throughout a career in architecture.

Harbinder Birdi — Partner, Infrastructure Sector Lead, Hawkins Brown
Upinder Bahra — Architectural Assistant, Hawkins Brown
Amar Sidhu — BSc (Hons) Architecture

Nathalie Richardson

& Amar Sidhu

Nathalie talks about her experience in the architecture industry, the necessity of designing in context, and her tips for what employers may look for in graduate talent.

Nathalie Richardson — Associate, Associated Architects
Amar Sidhu — BSc (Hons) Architecture

Chris Sanders

& Catherine Miller, Trea Renaut-Buttle and Georgia Baldassarra

Chris Sanders shares insights into his journey to becoming Director of his own design studio, and how becoming Founder of Coventry Design Festival has reinforced the importance of supporting the future of fellow creatives.

Chris Sanders — Founder of Coventry Design Festival, Right Aligned and Studio Native
Catherine Miller — BA (Hons) Illustration & Graphics
Trea Renaut-Buttle — BA (Hons) Illustration & Graphics
Georgia Baldassarra — BA (Hons) Illustration & Graphics

Ian Callum

& John Gallop

Car designer Ian Callum tells John Gallop about how he pursued his desire to combine engineering and art from a young age, despite apprehension from his peers, and how he went on to travel the world working for big names such as Ford and TWR.

Ian Callum CBE — Director of Design, Callum
John Gallop— BA (Hons) Automotive & Transport

Ben Parfitt

& Patrick Marques

Editorial Manager of Jagex, Ben Parfitt, chats to Patrick Marques about the vast responsibilities surrounding written content creation in the gaming world, and the future of gaming with regard to VR and E-Sports.

Ben Parfitt - Editorial Manager, Jagex 

Patrick Marques - BA (Hons) Graphic Design