Adel Molnar

BA (Hons) Fashion

Euphoria is a kidswear collection that was inspired by my childhood memories and my Transylvanian heritage. The inspiration came over the summer holiday when I found out that I couldn't go home to visit my family due to the lockdown, so I asked my parents to find the family archives and send over some photos from my childhood. I got nostalgic and remembered that when I was little, I wanted to grow up very fast, I wanted to be treated like an adult, so I always tried on my mom's clothes and liked to play dress-up and come up with role-plays. I wanted to capture this memory and had the idea to design a kidswear collection that's made up of oversized pieces that look ridiculous on a child, because they are meant to be worn by adults. I also wanted to do print design, which was inspired by my family keeping parrots as pets. I grew up with them always being around and being very friendly, and children love animals, so the parrot print was the perfect choice.

Children's clothes are known for their very short life cycle, so I wanted to highlight a solution to the overconsumption of clothes within my collection by making oversized and stylish garments that can be adjusted as children grow, can be customizable and that are easy to hand down to further generations. I want to have a positive impact on how people will choose clothes in the future and to contribute with a sustainable alternative to the childrenswear industry and promote circularity.
Outfit presentation
Colour board
Lineup illustration