Ana Moreira

BA (Hons) Fashion

Hi! I'm Ana Carolina Moreira, a Menswear graduate from Coventry University.
I'm originally from Portugal but I moved to the UK four years ago to pursue my dreams to study menswear design.
As a young designer, I get inspiration from my surroundings as a child and the stories listened from my grandparents and implement them on my body of work.
I aim to be a designer that shares feelings and emotions with my audience, to have a transparent and honest design process so people can feel part of what's behind the final product.
Being a young creative I believe that I can explore personal narratives and traditional techniques, building a contemporary heritage aesthetic where every garment has a story to tell through its silhouette, details, prints, and techniques.

It's really important to see how, we, as young creatives can contribute to traditions to keep being alive, recreating and adapting culture for the new generations.