Beyza Mert

BA (Hons) Fashion

For my final major project, I have combined Turkish and British heritage to create a high-end menswear capsule collection. My collection is fused with tailoring and feminine silhouettes. Growing up in the UK and being of Turkish heritage, I became aware of the cultural differences at a young age and how this has impacted society and the way people live their lives.
The perception of gender fluidity in Turkey is very different to the way it is viewed in the UK. The aim of my collection is to challenge the gender stereotypes of traditional Turkish masculinity and to express a positive cultural message through dress and the juxtaposition of traditional Turkish fabrics with feminine menswear.
'Westernised East' is the title of my collection and is aimed at honouring my family's heritage and the empowerment of those who feel they cannot express their authentic selves safely through dress.