Juanhao Li

Communications University in Zheijang - China

The theme of the design is inspired by the psychological activities of Corporate Slave, as well as the sorrow of losing self and the futile struggle to find "self". In this "modern era" of pursuing efficiency, the world is like a huge factory, and we have already become a part of it. We human beings have created this factory. Now the speed of this factory is faster and faster. We are almost pushed forward and become a screw on the efficiency machine, coerced by the speed of the times, In the operation of such numb machinery, we gradually lose our care for ourselves. Just like "if only we could live as free as wild animals" in "we who can't be wild animals", but under the pressure of life, it was far from what we expected, and finally became "satiated poor people" who lost themselves in the "era of overwork".

Work is the role of each labourer in the social division of labour to reflect social value and self-worth, not just to win material benefits for himself. A person can decide what he can create, instead of being defined by what he creates.

Juanhao Li

BA (Hons) Fashion

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