Nan Zhang

Communications University in Zheijang - China

With the development of the Internet, human beings are exploring a new way of living between screens. More and more people are beginning to create their own digital identities. The identity reconstructed with data is shaking the trust relationship on the Internet. We are the first identity of mankind. We have turned from an upright Homo sapiens to users. All the information we publish on social media is like our memory, becoming a "person" of ourselves but not our own, and everyone is parasitic. Playing the role that I and them yearn for in the Internet.

The trust mechanism as we know it has been disintegrated in the birth of the Internet, and the relationship between order and society has been reshaped in data. Whether our identities based on the Internet are real or not, and whether we face ourselves in reality, which self is real.

Nan Zhang

BA (Hons) Fashion

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