Onwaree Sukjumroen

Raffles Design Institute Singapore

My name is Onwaree Sukjumroen, from Thailand. I graduated from RAFFLES DESIGN INSTITUTE SINGAPORE. I am a womenswear fashion designer who strives to look at design from a different angle. I do not necessarily follow design aesthetics of what is expected or assumed that clothing should be. I push boundaries by moving away from the body in structures with both bold and extravagant silhouettes.

Concept - “Movement”

“Nothing happens until something moves.” – Albert Einstein, which I think is extremely relevant not just to science and design but….. essentially to everything in life. I aim to express the idea of movement through changes in the shape of the garments and to explore how a static piece of cloth can be manipulated into a dynamic form. It’s a play on undulating volume, unique shapes and multiple layers that creates a sense of rhythm and movement. There are many varied points of research that I referenced for this collection – from the physicality of dance movements to the visual effects of "Optical Art"… and even from a century ago, how the Futurist painters & sculptors have explored this concept of speed and motion though their creations.

I believe that movement is significant to everyone and to me it’s not just about physical movement where an object goes from one point to the next. It’s also more about how we change and evolve and move into our next stage in life. This I think is significant to the customers that I’m designing for – people who are dynamic in their jobs and life, ready to standout from the norm and are bold enough to express their personality through fashion.