Samira Awudu

BA (Hons) Fashion

Window Therapy

As a highly enthusiastic and ambitions fashion designer, I enjoy being creative and having fun with my designs, I am very driven to succeed and give everything my absolute best. The aim for my final major project "window therapy" was to create a unisex catwalk collection. I included layers that represented different emotions which reflected back to the feelings presented when looking through a window view from the comfort of my own home. This concept was important to me and benefited myself and others because it gives us the reassurance of not feeling alone with the moods that we faced. One of the biggest skills that I had to adapt to was learning to work at a faster pace than usual which allowed me to achieve what was needed such as designing, developing patterns, keeping a weekly logbook and sticking to it, fabric sourcing and producing toiles. My future plans after graduating will be to work for well-known fashion brands such as Comme des Garçons, Vivienne Westwood and Margiela. Learning from such inspirational brands and constantly building my skills are things I highly value and always open to doing.

Some people try to swim when they're drowning - the trick is to simply stop struggling and breathe. - Chris Mc Geown
Window View
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