Senanur Kismet

BA (Hons) Fashion

Hi I'm Senanur, a menswear fashion graduate from Coventry University.

I was inspired by my experience through the COVID-19 lockdown. I have designed garments for protection; to ensure the wearer feels safe when leaving their home. My idea was to create garments with climate adaptability and utility. The collection, Civillian Survival, is made with waterproof materials, protective materials and storage to fulfil the wearer's functional needs.

Through my experience of COVID-19 I've felt lost without my mask; we have all depended on them. My garments and accessory pieces enhance the protection for the wearer when not wearing a mask. My collection helps us all adjust to another new normal, the transition from mandatory masks to maybe no masks

My research was inspired by a book on Parkour, "moving through the city, running and leaping. Overcoming any obstacle in your path, never stopping, always moving." (Edwards, 2009:p.5.). This bears a close resemblance to Civilian combat. The thought of people taking unconventional journeys to travel gives me a sense of solitary travelling; a future-proof approach to avoiding contact with others. By drawings people that do parkour, I have been able to observe the demanding body movement required to get to places. The collection, Civilian Survival, explores the relationship between clothing and the moving body.