Xia Shan

Communications University in Zheijang - China

My inspiration for design originally came from the foreign film little women, which tells the stories of the four sisters of the March family. In the film, the four sisters bravely walk out of their own life path and realize their self-worth in this process. The clothing style in the film is bright, real and natural, highly restoring history and reflecting modern aesthetic feeling. These are the initial inspiration of design inspiration, continue to investigate the current situation of women's life before and after the background at that time, free from the oppressive environment, launched the process of women's movement, at the same time, using collage as the development point of design, to explore the relationship between women and freedom.
This design corresponds to a new generation of women who dare to pursue personality and try new things. This series of clothing is loose and feminine, and the lines about the cage are also used in the clothing. The exaggerated outline and the lines representing the cage will be presented in different fabrics. It is hoped that the abstract ideas in the elements of women's consciousness can be transformed into clothing design works that can be felt by people.

Through the works, people can appeal to fashion design around women and begin to pay attention to women's individual needs. At the same time, we also hope that women can have their own personality and ideas, and pursue what they love.

Xia Shan

BA (Hons) Fashion

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