BA (Hons) International Fashion Business

This year the students have been looking at key themes that are seeping into the fashion industry. Many of the themes explored by the cohort bring about much needed disruption and change, within an industry that has maintained its dominance off the back of exploitation, slavery and the excessive use of the natural capital of our planet.  Interesting works have been produced and have considered the changes and key drivers of the industry, as a result of the global pandemic.  

  This cohort have been working on innovation around sustainable and circular business model concepts, as well as exploring directives that take on a more inclusive narrative to drive forward the new normal. The business models explore regenerative resources, new retail innovations that include working collaboratively with tech start-ups to achieve outlined aims and objectives of the business.    Overall, there is a wide variety of themes and innovations explored, that are personal to each of the students and address issues that are most dear to their passions.  On behalf of the IFB team and myself, I would like to wish you the greatest success for the future! You have worked extremely hard and delivered your final year with style and finesse. We are very proud of your all…Now go and SHINE BRIGHT!!!  

Simone Gadagah Course Director