Yuji Ma

BA (Hons) International Fashion Business

Hi, I’m Yuji,
I was born and raised in China. As I was exposed to various sorts of art such as piano and painting from an early age, I have developed an excellent aesthetic sense. Drawing makes me patient, and the monotonous practice of playing the piano teaches me perseverance. Having studied in the UK for three years now, I can speak English confidently. I like to travel as this helps me find inspiration and gain insights for self-improvement on the journey.

Since taking the BA International Fashion Business here at Coventry University, I can truly say that my skills in marketing, trend analysis, and branding have given my work a competitive edge. I have become more adventurous in my approach, and my curiosity always leads me to try new and exciting things. I am eager to use my own expertise and try out innovative ideas to solve problems within the industry. This portfolio showcases my recent project line-up, from business plans for start-ups to trend forecasting and global sourcing and production.

"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things." --Theodore Levitt