Grace Potter


The first assignment titled 'Transphobic feminism reproduced through mainstream media' allowed me to analyse the deviant behaviours of transphobic feminism which were portrayed on a global mainstream platform. This piece of work allowed me to explore the complexity of gender which I believe is important to understand within today's society. The second assignment titled 'Policy Propisal: To Ban the 'Rough Sex Defence' within English Law, allowed me to explore legal issues within the UK which was very interesting as this was not something I had explored before. This coursework allowed me to feel empowered discussing the power and importance of women's bodies and the nature of consent. It also was intriguing to view the deviant perspectives of BDSM and how these have changed over time. I thoroughly enjoyed writing both of these assignments as it allowed me to explore gender and womanhood more closely and recognize my position within these concepts.

Trans exclusive people believe people who identify as trans are seen as deviant because being transgender disrupts social norms since they dispute with traditional gender and sex values which are put in place for a patriarchal society

1/3 of women in the UK have experienced unwanted choking, gagging or slapping during sexual activity (Harte, 2019), this proposes the question of whether men or women feel like it is okay to do this if the sex is consensual?

Transphobic feminism reproduced through mainstream media
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Policy Proposal: To Ban the 'Rough Sex Defence' within English Law
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