Work by graduates from our partner institutions around the world

As a global university, we are committed to establishing high-quality international partnerships. Some of these partners deliver our degrees overseas, enabling students to study for a Coventry University award in their own or another country. We have a number of such partnerships in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and a dedicated team of staff here to support this delivery. Many of the students at these partner institutions have won prestigious international prizes and consistently produce work of outstanding quality.  We wanted to acknowledge this and allow some of them an opportunity to showcase their work as part of our Degree Show.

This year, to mark Coventry as the UK City of Culture 2021, we launched a competition for students at our partner institutions, asking them to respond to the ‘Sustainable Cities’ brief. We also wanted to showcase some of the entries and the winners.

We are committed to providing a rich global learning environment that develops intercultural knowledge and communication skills in our students. All students can engage in physical and virtual projects with students at our partner institutions to support this valuable learning. We also wanted to show you some of the exciting and amazing collaborative projects that students have been involved in this year. We hope you will enjoy them as much as the students enjoyed creating them.

Global Education Partners

Group Projects

Collaborative Music composition in a Globalised Environment

Students from the partner institutions formed groups of between 2 and 4 people, with no more than one student from each institution. Each group developed an electronic-music composition between 3 and 6 minutes in length through which they explored the possibilities afforded in combining the different cultural and musical backgrounds of the group members.

Animated short film COIL 2020-21

This project aims at engaging Digital Media students from CU and TKH in a collaborative activity around the creation and production of a short film animation (2D). Students in this activity are expected to design their vector-based characters using Illustrator/photoshop and apply motion capture with Character Animator/After Effects.

Immersive Telepresence in Theatre

In 2016, Theatre staff at Coventry collaborated with Tampere University in Finland to create a unique ‘immersive space’ in order to explore theatre rehearsal and arts education. This space, created in both cities, uses life sized projection, high-speed internet connections and directional sound, giving the participants the illusion of occupying the same room.

Culture Collision: Domestic Territory

This project encourages students to reflect on their own domestic environment, share their work and living experience with their peers and learn about each other’s environments too. Students share images of their domestic environment to inspire each other and take inspiration from their peers to develop a photoshoot concept which tells a story in a fashion context.


'Unmute' required a collaborative response from the influence of the pandemic. 48 teams of students were asked to produce a motivational, bi-lingual poster and audio commentary reflecting one shared experience that they had from the previous year.


T-UK T-UK explored how students could utilise a variety of creative means to present a multisensory exploration of the environments in each country. Ranging from localities through to food, artwork, music, students were encouraged to use a variety of senses (visual, sound, touch) and means (painting, video, digital drawing). Discussion was used to critique differences in culture.

Different continents, common ground? Shared university and cultural experiences.

Participants from both universities interacted to gain insights and share experiences on different topics including academic life, culture and lifestyles, and decolonising the curriculum. The collaborative exchange practised and developed skills that are important in academic contexts and the global workplace, such as communicating in English, raising intercultural awareness, and interacting in virtual teams.

Bhavika Malik - FAH Global Challenge 3rd Prize Winner

A step towards creating a sustainable community by reducing waste in the medical field and making use of green alternatives. The challenge was to redesign one such medical instrument which is currently contributing to urban waste.

Xueer Zhao - FAH Global Challenge 2nd Prize Winner

This capsule collection discusses a focused set of issues inspired by the potential future of the world’s air, water and waste, condensed into three beautifully executed garment designs.

Rossie Jiang - FAH Global Challenge 1st Prize Winner

A hypnotic and startling short film that presents us with a reminder of the world’s natural beauty offset against a warning of the horrors humankind has the capacity to unleash upon itself and the environment.

Coil Project on the European Union

Recipe for disaster: how countries around the world responded to Covid-19. This was a collaborative project between third year International Relations Students at Coventry University with students from Hosei University, Tokyo and which focused on exploring different political responses to COVID-19 around the world.

Coil project: Covid-19 and Cambodia

A partnership between Coventry University students and Hosei University students exploring Cambodia's reaction to Covid-19.

Global Students