Performing Arts

Including Music, Music Technology, and Theatre and Professional Practice

BSc Music Technology: Music Technology Matters… Every day we create, we record and we produce music and audio. We develop the skills, knowledge and techniques to become creators, theorists, scholars, engineers, technician, sound lovers, Music hackers, noises artists. Well done for all the hard work and effort you have put in over the past 3 years. Congratulations! 

BA Theatre and Professional Practice: Congratulations Theatre students on finishing your degree! We had some very challenging circumstances this year and you more than met those challenges. Your work on display here represents your resilience, talent and determination. Well done! 

BA Music: Our students have spent three years in intense, creative music-making. They've developed their skills and collaborated in ways they could never have imagined three years ago — and their achievements have been impressive. On this page, you'll be able to hear/see a small sample of those achievements. 

To all our 3rd-year students, congratulations! Your best years are now ahead of you. To quote the character Polonius (in Shakespeare's Hamlet) as his son prepares to embark upon an important journey, "The wind sits in the shoulder of your sail!"