Marco-Raul Runcan

Performing Arts

My adventure into the English culture has started early in my life, since kindergarden when I took the first English classess to be able to understand the meaning behind my favourite artists' songs, stars like Michael Jackson or Eminem. After ten years of practising professional football, and before coming to the United Kingdom, I have chosen to become a 'knight of the whistle' due to my continous wish of leardershiping knowledge and developing my communication skills that later led me to take the most important decission in my life, to join Coventry University. Until I have found the courage to follow my dreams I permanently thought that I did not find my place and I did not belong anywhere and this feeling teases me again because my journey as a student came to an end, but this challenging adventure thought me that everything is possible as long as you analyse the darkside of a thing and choose to pursue the brightside of it, so now I look at this end of a journey as the starting point of a successful career in the music industry.

"In life there are so many things whispering at you, I only listen to the screams." - Steve Rennie