Sarah Lee

Performing Arts

My passion lies with producing music and playing musical instruments; my favourite instruments to play include the drum kit, guitar and bass guitar. It wasn't until I started the BSc Music Technology course at Coventry University that I started to gain the skills and techniques leading me to become more confident in producing my own music. In April 2020 I released my first single on Spotify, 'Strawberry Mojito'. This track is an up-beat, feel-good instrumental; the intention of releasing this at the time was to spread some positivity during the first national UK lockdown with friends, family and anyone else who stumbled across it. My latest single 'Too Fast' was my first attempt at singing on a track and since then I have been experimenting with what works and what my limits are with my singing. There is no consistency in the genre I produce to which correlates to my music taste. I tend to listen to a lot of 'genre-less' music and take elements of others' music that I like which I then try to embed into my compositions. Music I have produced include elements deriving from pop, indie, R&B, lo-fi and ambient.

It is important as an artist in the music industry to build your own brand that correlates throughout all social media platforms. This leads the viewer of my website, instagram and my music to know they are in the correct place and detect my work or that a social media page is in fact mine.