Silviu Nitu

Performing Arts

Music started to be a big part of my life around 10 years ago. I was 14, and I was just discovering the genre that has changed my life completely, Hip-Hop. Not only that I wanted to make music, but I wanted to pursue my dream and go for a career in music, and I consider that this degree represents a big step forward into my development, along with all the experience cumulated in the last three years. At first, I was only trying to replicate most of the popular songs, but in time I have started to study the art itself together with sound and text composition techniques, also stopping being focused on Hip-Hop only, because I have considered that every genre has something to offer, and any influence will help. I, time, I have started creating my own songs, now being able to produce not only for me but for clients as well. Overall, I see myself as a producer that helps young and inexperienced artists to get into the art of music, guiding them onto a good path for their careers. I also have the belief that I will have the chance to pursue my