Daniel Robinson

BA (Hons) Media Production

Dan is a writer, director, editor and composer with a longstanding love for the art of film. A keen fan of 'Inside No. 9', as well as the work of Martin McDonagh and Edgar Wright, he enjoys exploring the macabre in everyday environments with a darkly comic eye. Dan is excited to be entering the media industry and can't wait to see where his career takes him.

His film 'The Holes We Leave Behind' was produced by Roshni Patel, with Harry Swaine as Director of Photography. It's been described as a dark blend of 'Talking Heads' and 'Tales of the Unexpected'.

Reviews for 'The Holes We Leave Behind':

"Moving, witty and haunting..."
"A beautifully nuanced short..."
"Good production value with a neat story"
"Unexpected and darkly enjoyable..."
"Sharp and snappy, and you also had a great lead actor"

Moving, witty and haunting...