Eger Tiitus

BA (Hons) Media Production

When I think of bicycle-friendly cities, Tallinn is not a name that would come to my mind. Having grown up here, I used to view bicycles as tools for exercising. And while it's true - bicycles are great for working out - the concept of using one to commute felt somehow ridiculous and far-fetched. Cycling in traffic seemed stressful, complicated and finicky. Vicious Cyclist is a reflective piece of a realisation I once underwent myself. Having since lived in communities which have welcomed cycling as a key part of getting around, I have grown to respect and appreciate bicycles as means of transport. These communities include cities such as Copenhagen and Malmö, where at least 1 in every 4 residents uses a bicycle as their primary means of getting around. Therefore, if they've done it, why can't we? Furthermore, a pro-cycling movement has recently started gaining momentum in Tallinn. Vicious Cyclist is my contribution to this momentum, to help the people of Tallinn gain new perspectives and encourage a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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Vicious Cyclist

Vicious Cyclist is a web-based interactive documentary about the troubled cycling infrastructure in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.